5 Reasons to Use Cloud Consulting Services

5 Reasons to Use Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud computing exists in several different forms: private, public, hybrid, and horse. It’s no longer a question of whether or not to move to the cloud; simply whenand how. Many organizations believe they lack the time and budget to migrate to the cloud. It appears to be too large of a project to begin, and too crucial of an upgrade to pass up. This is the sweet spot for cloud consultants. Skilled at providing tailored value to individual companies, consultants know the ins and outs of a smooth and painless transition.

Migration Assessment and Planning

When it comes to selecting a cloud offering for individual environments, cloud consultants are on the front lines of knowledge and experience. Each cloud solution will have pros and cons to consider, as it’s vital to know which will pair best with strategic goals, current architecture, and company culture.

A few differentiators to share with a consultant:

  • What is driving the cloud migration?
  • Have you dedicated a team to focus on cloud adoption?
  • How well do you understand the full suite of applications and required dependencies in the current environment?
  • What type and how much of data is being migrated?
  • What security level is necessary for the environment?
  • What are the daily management expectations?

These are only a few of the questions cloud consultants review with clients on a daily basis. Subsequently, they are equipped to create the most beneficial roadmap for each client.

Capitalize on Your Cloud Investment

Cloud ROI is scaled for rapid achievement in a consultant’s long-term roadmap. The largest cost savings are commonly found in stripping away the high price of on-premises data center hardware and maintenance contracts. Substantial savings are also realized from right-sizing your infrastructure and eliminating the vast over provisioning. Not having to maintain a data center also reduces the time-consuming tasks from employee’s responsibilities, such as maintaining hardware and manually backing up data, allowing them to focus on tasks that provide higher value to the business.

Team with In-House IT

Migrating to the cloud should not halt internal operations. Cloud consultants partner closely with the in-house IT teams to ensure all applications are preserved and migrated or refactored smoothly. It also helps to promote internal buy-in with the team, as cloud computing creates a shift in culture and daily tasks. When IT leaders are heavily involved with the project, they are able to see the process from the beginning and feel more confident moving forward with the new architecture. Cloud consultants are experts surrounding legacy hardware and applications, typically utilizing decades of first-hand experience with a variety of use cases. Why embark on a journey alone when there are guides with detailed maps available?

Compliance and Regulatory Standards

A skilled consultant will be educated on the most up-to-date compliance regulations, which continue to evolve in every industry. They understand how to architect appropriately within the cloud platform to meet compliancy and security requirements. This means the consultant will be able to assist a company by reviewing internal and external commitments, and then create cloud solutions which meet or surpass both regulatory and company standards. For example, a study conducted by Springer Open mentions specific requirements for US government agencies to comply with FISMA, healthcare organizations with HIPAA, and public retail companies must comply with SOX and PCI. Working with an experienced consultant will help prepare the company for future audits and help to minimize potential compliance violations.

Experience Dealing with Obstacles

Taking on a challenge is less risky and more efficient when you are working with an experienced partner. Sure, it’s possible to complete it alone, but it will be considerably less fun and more challenging without an experienced team. Imagine competing in the Tough Mudder or Spartan Race without experts offering assistance at each obstacle. It’s possible to complete it alone, but may result in a longer race duration, broken bones, incorrect completion, and far more frustration along the way. Cloud consultants are there to help you along the cloud journey and prepare a path that doesn’t contain every hurdle and pothole that you would encounter otherwise. Having worked on many complex environments and seen many elaborate configurations helps consultants understand how to quickly overcome a problem and provide a solution that fits the business needs such as cost, time, security, and manageability.

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