Avoiding the Hassle of Cloud Storage Migration with Amazon Snowball


One of the main challenges that companies face when migrating to the cloud is data transfer. In many cases, once an organization decides to migrate to the cloud, deadlines are associated with deliverables and the time it takes to transfer terabytes or petabytes of data is often over looked. It is also inefficient to purchase costly pieces of hardware when you will only use it once during a migration. Until now, the challenge of moving data into the cloud was a potential show stopper.

Amazon Web Services, recently announced a new product called Snowball. This new product allows Amazon Web Services customers to securely transfer 10 or more terabytes of data into the AWS cloud in a very convenient and cost-effective manner.

Amazon Web Services will ship you the hardware (typically only a couple days once you place the order) and import your data within a week. No more trying to transfer your data over your own internet connection or investing in expensive short term equipment. The Snowball equipment is also durable yet convenient. It is weather resistant, weighs only 50 lbs, and has 110 volt power with a 10 GB connection for fast uploads. And to top it off, it does not require any packing or unpacking and can detect tampering. Check it out below:

This innovation, allows companies to complete migrations in a timely manner at a lower cost than traditional alternatives. You can simply request one from the AWS Management Console, wait a few days, and then ship your data back to AWS. Take a look at just how easy it is to import your data:

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