Amazon’s HQ2 search is narrowing, while the search for HQ-R2 now begins

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, recently narrowed his search for their second headquarters to 20 cities, one of which is Atlanta. “HQ2” as it is being called will bring thousands of high-paying jobs to the winning city, and the high-profile process has encouraged the finalists to roll out the red carpet with billions in incentives to Amazon. Other contenders include New York, Austin, Miami, Chicago, and Toronto to name just a few. These cities all have large populations, and the ability to attract technical talent - a key for Amazon’s continued growth.


But, with only 1 winner, there will be 19 losers in the process. But have no fear, if your city is not selected, there is still a chance to earn the coveted HQ-R2. Yes, I am of course talking about the second headquarters for AWS Premier Partner, Relus Cloud. Hosting HQ-R2 could mean big things for your city, and it won’t cause you to go through an extensive (and expensive) bidding process to be a contender. Currently headquartered in Peachtree Corners, GA, Relus will outgrow its current facilities in the next two years and could be coming to your city soon.

In fact, in only 21 years, Relus will be larger than our partner AWS (Amazon Web Services). How is this possible? Well, this statement of course assumes that we continue at our current 100% annual growth rate, and that AWS continues to grow at “only” 40% per year. If current projections remain true, in 20 years we will be a $10 Trillion company and AWS will be at $12 Trillion. The following year, 2039, we will surpass them and become the world’s first $20 Trillion company (like I said, contingent on these current growth patterns). This is the power of exponential growth! All of that being said, if you believe in Relus (like I do), the value presented in winning the ability to host HQ-R2 is evident. So don’t worry if your city has been kicked out of the running to win the coveted AWS HQ2, you can still become the host city of Relus HQ-R2 and bring your city the pride (and job growth) associated with hosting such a large and successful company!

Please contact my assistant, Alexa, if you want your city to be considered for this highly coveted 2nd Relus headquarters! P.S. If you want to change your iconic building colors to Cloud Blue (like New York did to try and woo Amazon) we would not object! Or changing a name like Pittsburgh to Relusburgh might also help.   

In the first two years, the winning city could expect 10’s of jobs created! Though we have yet to be contacted, or gotten any official bids, we would certainly accept applications from all the same cities on the Amazon list, and many others which might include:

  • Auburn, Alabama - home of the Tigers, and greatest little city on the plains, and home to Mike and Ed’s Barbecue.  
  • Panama City Beach, FL - Airbrush specialists make great coders, and close to 30-A, best beach in the South.

  • Lafayette,  Louisiana - a college town with great commutes to the office.

  • Charleston SC - Old Southern charm, and great food

All jokes aside, we actually are planning to grow at over 100% in 2018 - it will be an exciting year for Relus Cloud. To continue at this pace, we are rapidly hiring superstars that fit our company values, and have a sense of humor.

Relus Cloud is currently hiring in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Nashville, and Texas.  

Positions Include:

  • Senior Cloud Architect (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, NYC)

  • Senior Cloud Data Architect (Atlanta)

  • Senior Cloud Executive (Austin, Nashville, NYC)

  • Senior Solutions Architect (Chicago, NYC)

  • Director of Marketing

  • Sales Development Representative

  • Cloud Sales Manager

  • Cloud Project Manager

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