Becoming a #RelusRockstar

New challenges lead to the greatest rewards.

The first week in any new position is an adventure. I knew my first week at Relus was going to be an especially hectic one due to my lack of any semblance of knowledge of the IT sector, but I’ve honestly loved every second of it.

The most impressive aspect of my first week was with the sheer energy and vigor with which my trainers have attacked their responsibilities. Not only is my head being crammed full of new IT lingo and technical knowledge, but my attitude is being dragged onto a freight train of positivity, innovation and hustle. The workplace buzzes with productivity. In just 16 hours, I had a better grasp of IT infrastructure, workspaces and how Cloud technology is changing the world than I thought I’d ever have.

The most inspiring moment of the week was hands-down our Lunch & Learn with Relus Cloud CTO Kevin Davis. He discussed his time at AWS re:Invent 2017. He said, “I want to encourage everyone inside Relus to Innovate. Everyone Do...Think innovatively and do innovatively!” Relus wants everyone across the organization, no matter what their title or role is, to get involved in the future of the company; to learn, understand, and innovate. As a brand new employee, the encouragement to think differently and creatively about my impact on the organization is a wildly massive value add to my employment here...and it happened on the second day.

The phrase “drinking from a fire hydrant” is constantly thrown around Training programs in the modern workplace. The metaphor is almost accurate...but I would compare my last 5 days to a steep waterslide. It’s fast, exhilarating, slightly terrifying and almost impossible to keep all of the water in the tube, but at the end of the day, you’re dying to race back to the top for more.

By far, the best part of joining the Relus team is the tangible feeling of mission and impact. The technology world rallies around the phrase “Make a Difference.” Before I found Relus, organizations I interviewed with for sales roles were primarily concerned with making as much money as possible. While the importance of that aspect of business is not lost on me here, Relus is truly on a mission to deliver premier products and services to its customers to first and foremost improve their workflows, be it through Cloud Technology, IT Infrastructure or Talent Delivery.

The first week has me fired up to learn and grow past my limitations and help Relus add value to our customers and partner community!