2018 Bytes for Bites Results

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog all about Bytes for Bites and the impact that this campaign, run by Technology Association of Georgia and the Georgia Food Bank Association, has on the community. I am beyond proud to announce that Relus Cloud has helped to donate over 10,000 meals to the greater Georgia community.

But how?

When thinking about fundraising, it can always be a challenge to get everyone engaged and involved in a meaningful way. But, here at Relus Cloud, a competition can really make a difference. We split our organization up into five teams to compete against one another to see who could get the most “points”. Points were earned by donating cans and money, donating $10 to pie a manager in the face, and finding Rambo (our Relus Cloud mascot) during one of the Where’s Rambo challenges. Teams really came together to rally around this well deserving cause.

2018-06-22 Bytes for Bites Cans.jpg

I would say one of the absolute highlights of the two weeks was the “Pie Your Manager” event. All Relus Cloud employees had a chance to donate $10 to pie any manager in the face. Needless to say, many pies hit many faces. In this campaign alone we raised over $300. “We have done countless community outreach events in my time here at Relus, but I can honestly say this was the first time I could donate money to a great cause AND get to hit my manager in the face with a pie,” said Amelia Queen. “It was an awesome way to engage the Relus Community and raise more money for an incredible cause.”

2018-06-15 Pie Your Manager - All.JPG

Where’s Rambo was also a hit throughout the two weeks of fundraising. The Bytes for Bites Relus Cloud team hid our mascot Rambo in the office (or in a photoshopped picture for remote employees) and the first employee to find him received 10 points for their team. This helped keep the spirit of fun and pride throughout the week alive. It also got our employees moving around the office and interacting with people they usually wouldn’t.

Can you find Rambo?

Can you find Rambo?

One of Relus Cloud’s values is to Pay it Forward, and I would say that the past two weeks participating in Bytes for Bites has allowed us to truly do just that. Through the competition and fundraising Relus Cloud was able to donate over 1,500 tons of cans (which was over 2 cars full of cans) and over $2,300. It's truly awesome that we were able to give back to the Georgia community that has given so much to Relus Cloud.

At the end of the day it is all about the team, we win together and we lose together. I would say donating over 10,000 meals to the community is a real win.