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AWS Fargate

Amazon Web Services re:Invent always brings many new product announcements and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Relus Cloud's Senior Cloud Architect Nick Timakondu wanted to help you out by breaking down one service he is particularly excited about, AWS Fargate. 

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Relus Cloud Talent Insights: Ferzan Rizvi, DevOps & Continuous Delivery Architect

"What works well for one organization may not be the best fit for someone else. It’s a matter of understanding company goals and connecting the dots to deliver quality solutions." Ferzan Rizvi, DevOps and Continuous Delivery Architect, shares his passion for the cloud in today's Relus Cloud Talent Insights!

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Relus Cloud Talent Insights: Jimmy Stetzel, Director, Cloud Migration

Jimmy Stetzel, Director of Cloud Migration, guides organizations by providing expertise in project vision, strategy and implementation. As a consultant and cloud architect, Jimmy’s day-to-day process involves working with customers to break down problems and create practical solutions for migration and organizational transformation.

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