Cloud Managed Services is a Vital Part of the Cloud


Companies shedding their data centers and moving to the cloud are also adding Cloud Managed Service Providers (cMSP). I know, you’re thinking “that’s just old school… why do you need a Managed Service Provider?” But, there are some compelling reasons for partnering with a cMSP.

Companies that move to the cloud, are moving not just for efficiency reasons; they are making a commitment to accelerate innovation and growth inside a community. Let’s explore three things that are shared in the cloud community:

Best of Breed Hardware

The open source movement has spread into the hardware world, with organizations and companies designing core technologies for anyone to incorporate into their own applications. For example, RISC-V allows companies to incorporate a highly flexible processor core into their own chip designs for special purpose applications. And, ON.LAB, which is advancing the frontier of Software Defined Networks (SDN) enables large organizations to provide better service. On their own, most companies do not have the resources to take advantage of these new technologies. But, by moving to the cloud, less well-heeled companies can leverage these great technologies through their cloud provider. And, through the cloud model, consume as much or as little as their business requires. The granularity of technology consumption has become much smaller while access to technology innovations has dramatically increased.

Infrastructure Configuration

As in the traditional data center, there are so many ways to assemble the different components to meet your applications’ needs. But, different from the traditional data center, companies can organize, experiment, and mature applications more quickly and affordably. The cloud provides a common set of building blocks which forms the community’s vocabulary and allows cloud providers to quickly share innovative solutions for common problems. For example, to build a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) compliant site, Amazon provides a whitepaper AND a reference implementation which you can instantiate inside your account, which accelerates your time to market. Other companies and individuals have also contributed insights and templates in the AWS Labs Github to help you innovate and grow at the speed of business.

Operational Best Practices

For all of the power and convenience cloud providers have brought to the industry, cloud also provides a confusing array of options to manage and secure your data center operations. Do you send an SMS message to a person when an instance fails over? Or, do you send an email notification that an Auto Scaling group has increased the number of instances from 10 servers to 20? Backup and disaster recovery strategies have also multiplied, from storing backups in the affordable and durable AWS Glacier tier, to bringing those DR materials back in-house using AWS Storage Gateway.

A cMSP has the tools and knowledge to help guide you through many available choices, finding the best solution that meets your current needs. And, as the cloud and your company’s applications evolve, a cMSP is a great partner to help you evolve the management of your operations, securely and efficiently.

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