Don't Stop Achieving

Growing up I was never one to settle for “good enough”. I was always the child who spent more time than necessary on school projects and homework, tried to be the first person to answer every question in class (correctly, I should add) and always did the optional extra credit assignments. I was often called an overachiever, but never saw this as a problem because I always saw a need to keep trying to do better at everything that I did. This mentality followed me throughout college, and now into my career. When I was interviewing at Relus last summer, people constantly spoke about their values and how important they are to Relus’ business model. One of the values that stuck out to me the most during the interview process was Relus CI/CD (Continuously Improve and Continuously Develop).

When this value was being explained to me I instantly knew that Relus was the place that I wanted to work because they not only understood my overachieving mentality, but they encouraged it. Relus is always willing to support me in learning new things and they provide ample opportunity for professional growth.

When I started at Relus, I was a recent college graduate with a Communication degree who knew nothing about Salesforce but had a willingness to learn new things. Upon my first day here, Relus immediately provided the courses and materials necessary for me to begin my training on how to utilize Salesforce. Since then, I have consistently been attending both online and classroom training courses to further my knowledge of this CRM tool. This past weekend was a prime example of Relus practicing what they preach. On Saturday, I had the opportunity to participate in an all day Salesforce training session sponsored by Girl Develop It, which turned out to have twice the benefit: I was taking advantage of yet another training opportunity, all while supporting women in technology. Though a Saturday spent in an all day training class seems far from the relaxing weekend that most people hope for at the end of a busy week, it really was a great way to spend the day. To recap, here are some of my key takeaways from the event:

Self improvement and development adds value to companies

This may seem like an odd concept, but it’s true. Companies are made up of many individuals working together to accomplish a common goal- company success. If employees never take the initiative to improve their individual knowledge or increase their individual efforts, then it is nearly impossible for the company as a whole to improve or develop. Attending training sessions or reading up on different tools or concepts related to your work are little things that can go a long way. You’re not only helping yourself by gaining valuable knowledge that will lead to your professional growth, but you’re also becoming even more of a valuable asset to your company by lending new ideas and insights in the process.

You can always learn more

In my job as a Salesforce Administrator I am constantly working in the platform and discovering new ways to utilize it. I’m often asked by different people throughout the company to work on different projects and find new ways to make the platform work better for our business. As someone who is still relatively new to Salesforce, there are still things that I have to research in order to fully understand and later explain the right solution to my colleagues. It was my immediate assumption that with time and practice I’ll eventually know everything you can about Salesforce. However, after this weekend’s training course I quickly learned that even the experts don’t know everything there is to know only because new releases and features are constantly being published, and these things take time to learn.This means that, like everything else, there is always room to improve and develop when working with Salesforce.

It’s okay to ask questions

It’s always okay to ask questions. You have to remember that you can’t improve or learn if you don’t strive to understand what it is you don’t know. So even if you don’t have someone specifically that you can go to for questions, do your research online. There are countless resources available to you through online communities and training courses. For Salesforce specifically, I recommend checking out Trailblazer Community or Trailhead. It’s always better to ask questions and get something done right than it is to not ask and have to go back and fix something because you did it wrong the first time.

Work somewhere that values you

It’s important to know your worth and to work for a company that values you as a person, not just as a another employee passing through. Relus’ CI/CD value shows that the company views you as an integral part of the team. They want you to continue developing in everything that you do and they continuously encourage you along the way. Though companies that have this strong dedication to their team members may be few and far between, they do exist and Relus is a prime example of that. Relus makes its employees feel valued because they recognize that a continuously developing team means continuously improved value for the company as a whole.

Collaboration can lead to breakthroughs  

In your day-to-day line of work it can be easy to get into a routine of only talking and working with the people on your immediate team. Though this helps you to accomplish the tasks currently at hand, it could also prevent you from learning how your skills could benefit other parts of the business. For instance, at the training this past weekend a coworker joined me because she values learning new things and wants to be more involved with getting women in technology. Her daily work has nothing to do with Salesforce, but she took just as much away from this training as I did. Through this training we realized that her department had a need for a tool that Salesforce can offer, but she didn’t think to ask for it because she didn’t know it existed. This goes vice versa for me in that I was unaware that her department had a need for this tool, so I hadn’t thought to inform her of the training session. By cross-collaborating we were able to discover a mutual need for our departments, and therefore began brainstorming ideas on how to find a solution. This ultimately revealed that breakthroughs are possible by simply working together.

All of these things have shown me that there are many aspects to continuously improving and developing. Though some of them rely on individual work and hustle, some aspects also rely on team work to better ourselves and the business as a whole. At Relus, CI/CD isn’t just a value posted on a wall somewhere that people pay no attention to. It’s a way of life. We constantly strive to improve and develop to get better so that we can be the best. This, and many other values, is what makes Relus such a great place to work. We are always looking to grow our team with employees who share our values and never settle for less than their best. So if you’re like me and are eager to find ways to excel in your career, check out our careers page and see where you could fit on our team!