The 3 Key Elements to a Successful Sales Development Team

I have spent the better part of the last five years with Relus Cloud. I was even lucky enough to sit in a cube next to Michael Campbell, our current president, in the earliest days of the company’s existence (before we had our own building). I’ve also watched Relus Cloud explode from 5 to well over 100 employees.

I have worn a couple different hats since the beginning of this journey, but most of my time has been spent in a sales/account executive role. It’s been a wild ride since our startup began a handful of years ago watching it grow into what is now the largest AWS Premier Consulting Partner based out of the Southeast. With our 100% year over year growth comes new opportunities (what seems like every week). Because business is booming, we found it necessary to expand our business development efforts and solidify a dedicated team of young sales professionals that are eager to cut their teeth in the world of AWS and everything it has to offer. When asked to lead this new group of young go-getters, I proudly accepted and have since transitioned from a formal sales role to a sales enablement role as the Director of Sales Development.

There are a few things that I have learned since stepping into my new role as the Director of Sales Development for Relus Cloud that sums up our team:

Work Smarter….AND Harder!

In my military days, I had a drill sergeant who used the saying “Work smarter not harder!” every…single…day. While the saying got all the troops fired up, it didn’t mean that we didn’t have to work hard. It just helped us look at how we were doing things. At Relus Cloud, our SDR team is constantly analyzing how we are doing things. We choose to work smart AND hard. I would say that our team strives to be the hardest working team at Relus Cloud, not just the smartest. We always continuously improve and continuously develop.

Culture is King

“Culture is king” is a key mindset of the Relus Cloud SDR team. This doesn’t mean we just ride around on scooters, visit our in-office beer taps every Friday, take trips to Silicon Valley, hang out at karaoke bars, and leverage best of breed tools -- well, I guess these are all things we do… -- but, more importantly, it means we have a culture that breeds growth. All the “stuff” I just mentioned are side effects of carefully hand-selecting a team that works well together and buys into the Relus Cloud mission and values. I am willing to say that our team would be producing the same results without all the shiny stuff in the background. The Relus Cloud SDR team cares about moving forward and is truly Driven to Deliver.

Measure Everything

Anyone who has been in sales longer than 5 years knows that you have to measure what you are doing in order to determine where you need to work smarter AND harder leading to quota achievement. Being a Sales Development Representative is a tough job, but a rewarding one when done right. We take a surgical approach to our market to ensure success when uncovering new opportunities for Relus Cloud. Remember the old saying “Measure twice, cut once”? That’s how we prepare for calls here at Relus Cloud. We make sure that we’ve completed all of the research and the reps are fully prepared for every potential customer interaction. There’s only one chance to make a first impression.

There is a lot more that goes into our Sales Development Team here at Relus Cloud but these are a few that are top of mind so far in 2018. Are you driven to deliver? Check out our careers page and apply to be part of an organization that works smarter and harder.