Exploring the World Of eCommerce

On May 16, 2018 Relus Cloud attended another great WIT Forum at Maggiano's where a room filled with technology loving employees from companies all over Atlanta got together to discuss the ever-changing retail space of eCommerce. On the panel were three fantastic individuals: Noah Levine of Search Discovery, Sheetal Wrzeisen of The Home Depot, and Elizabeth Wolf of The Home Depot. They took the time to answer all sorts of questions about how the growth of eCommerce is making retail companies change the way they think in order to manage the demands of their customers.

In a world where technology is continuously developing, companies now more than ever are being forced to innovate in order to evolve and grow. Customers have the chance to have the store directly in their pocket. Companies are doing amazing things with technology to give its customers the feel of the store at their fingertips in order to deliver the best experience possible. The Home Depot, for example, has developed an app where its customers can see how products will look in their home through augmented reality. The whole purpose of these innovations is to provide a simple, easy, and flawless experience for the customers whether that is online or in stores.

Everyone has different preferences on how they shop, so it’s important to pair those variations with personalization to the buyer. Retailers must now maintain a balance between personal preference with corporate commerce driven by our desire as the shopper to have a more than satisfactory experience. The company must not only focus on sales but also on emotional intelligence, asking themselves: Why do shoppers shop the way they do? What drives the sale?

Everything a retail company does is in order to propel the company forward. This would not be possible without keeping the talent pipeline full of emerging technology leaders. It’s all about organizing people in a way to build trust and allow for the creative juices of engineers to continuously flow with all sorts of ideas. It is a very exciting time, but with excitement comes challenges (specifically for those with large teams). These large companies want to have a start up mentality while having a greater number of employees; therefore, it all comes down to how leadership operates and their focus on innovation with immense trust in these ideas.

The final question of the panel was for each panelist to give advice to their younger selves. As someone who is very early in her career, these pieces of important advice hit home. Wolf stated the importance of networking and taking time to enjoy the journey; we do not need to rush our career, but rather be patient as we grow and learn. Wrzeisen expressed that we need to be confident and speak out to make our voices heard; it’ll raise our credibility as it shows how proud we are of the decisions we make. Levine ended with the emphasis on trusting your intuition and if something feels off, then you must check it with yourself and your mentor.

This panel provided outstanding insight into how these larger companies are adapting to the constant change of how people are shopping. It is an exciting time to be a part of the technological change, and I cannot wait to see how companies continue to develop as technology takes over this retail space.