Harnessing the Relus Cloud Superpowers

“Continuously improve, continuously develop.” Those four words have flowed freely from the mouths of many around me in my first weeks at Relus Cloud, and given that I only just found out a few weeks ago that “The Cloud” is different from iCloud, it hasn’t really been hard to improve and develop. Every meeting I’ve had, every case study I’ve read, every “Cloud for Dummies” video I’ve watched have all taught me something brand new, if not several somethings.

So when I think back to what I’ve learned in my first few weeks at Relus Cloud, it would be pretty simple for me to list off a thousand things I know now that I didn’t know before the day I started. I could throw out definitions of cloud computing and Sumo Logic, talk about the three main components that make up a data center, and explain via Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service why Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the premier cloud solutions provider in the industry. I could rattle off the names of several AWS services and take a stab at how they benefit their users.

What about taking this a different direction? I could easily talk about Relus Cloud itself - our superpowers, our values, our mission. I could recite my description of what Relus Cloud does as if I was speaking with a client. I could go through the history of Relus Cloud and explain why our CEO Mark Metz is definitely smarter than I am. These are all things I learned in my first week, and going over them would certainly be a productive use of my time.

But, I’d like to go another direction.

Instead of spitting back facts that I’ve written down over the past few weeks, I want to process what I’ve learned apart from what I’ve been told and what I’ve read. What have I experienced in my first week at Relus, and what have those experiences taught me?

I’ve landed on a few major takeaways:

  • The opportunity at Relus is insane

  • Our values inform our decisions

  • Speed wins

The Opportunity At Relus Is Insane

At Relus Cloud I’m surrounded by people with extremely valuable talents and skills who quickly move up the ladder because of their dedication, hard work, and hustle. Their success has encouraged me to see a future of continuous possibilities here at Relus Cloud.

The growth at Relus is absurd. I have never heard of a company less than 10 years old having a People and Culture team that is focused on making sure we are hiring not only the best talent but value oriented individuals who are willing to work toward success as a team. Everyone I’ve spoken to at Relus Cloud is bound together by having the same strong core values and being excited about the direction of this company.

Our Values Inform Our Decisions

During my interview process I heard all about the Relus Cloud values. Then, I continued hearing about them, and what they mean, more during my first week. But there’s a huge difference in words and action, in beliefs and choices. People can believe in or agree with lots of things without aligning their choices to those things. Everyone I’ve worked with at Relus Cloud has our values aligned with their decisions. No matter what department individuals work in, everybody encourages me in my new career and provides me with helpful tips for how to start strong and see the big picture (win as a team, lose as a team). During sales training, everyone is ready to give feedback, but always in a way that motivates and encourages me while giving me the constructive feedback I need (be honest, but not a jerk). And when things change or the unexpected happens, everyone approaches the situation with initiative and positivity (be fast, be flexible, be resilient). The importance of these values is proven to me by the way each Relus Cloud team member demonstrates them daily, and I’m excited for the opportunities I will have to do the same in my career here.

Speed Wins

“Things move fast at Relus Cloud.” → quote from literally every Relus Cloud team member I’ve spoken with.

What I’m quickly learning is that if you’re not keeping up, you’re getting left behind. And the people that can get ahead are the people that are successful. Relus Cloud encourages employees to be fast and flexible in their daily lives. This includes earning new and valuable certifications frequently. These certifications not only help perpetuate employee development but also enhance the services that Relus Cloud can offer to its clients through new and innovative cloud solutions. Anyone working in the cloud space understands that it changes rapidly and if you want to stay on the top you have to continually develop and enrich your skill set in order to keep up and offer your clients the best of the best. That’s exactly what we do here at Relus Cloud. We move fast to make sure our customers stay on top.

Starting out I think most individuals would be in disbelief that a company can stand by their values so firmly. But, after even just a short few weeks at Relus Cloud I can confidently state that we truly stand by our core beliefs. Each of these speaks to every individual employee differently, but everyone at Relus Cloud knows that these values are how we deliver the best solutions to our customers every day.