How Do You Leverage Public Cloud to Drive Digital Transformation?


Digital transformation is at the heart of what’s driving businesses to the cloud. But, it’s not just a technological change.

It’s an organizational and cultural change driven by technology leaders. It requires a paradigm shift in the way you test, iterate, integrate, and deploy your technology. Small to enterprise companies are leveraging public cloud to help drive digital transformation. It helps organizations by offering greater agility, faster time to market, and the ability to experiment with minimal risk and investment. Here are a few key areas where our customers are leveraging public cloud to drive digital transformation.

DevOps is Not a Tool, But a Process & Mindset.

Even at the enterprise, DevOps is a process that companies are in route to completing but haven’t fully adopted yet. Every technologist is at different levels of maturity when it comes to cloud adoption, and DevOps has a different meaning to various parts of a single organization. Migrating an entire company to a DevOps mindset isn’t a technology problem, it is an organizational change; the biggest hurdle is getting an entire business to shift the way they think about doing almost everything. One of the largest and most important steps in the process is the training and education of topics like DevOps, especially in the C-Suite. Once a company breaks the education and cultural barriers, and it is something that leadership truly believes in, great things happen.

Big Data is a Game Changer for Digital

Big Data is critical to a few sectors of the business world and it is slowly but surely becoming the center of everything organizations do. At many companies, Big Data is something they are trying to play catch up on. It gives organizations a whole new group to pay attention to the individual consumer. With data, businesses can market directly to their customers and analyze the customer experience entirely.

Big data analytics provides organizations with the potential to improve their product and service offerings and have a more personalized experience for their users. With big data, an industry doesn’t have to be the cookie-cutter system anymore. For example, at an insurance claims provider, they process around 600,000 background checks a month and big data improves the accuracy and quality of the data they are receiving to validate background checks. The more companies pay attention to the importance of data analytics, the higher the quality of the product and services.

The Cloud Journey Is Just Now Taking Off.

Converting an entire business to a cloud-based model isn’t going to happen overnight, it is an evolution. Our customers pointed out that technology comes in waves. The first wave was mainframes, the second was infrastructure and servers, but now with the push of cloud, we are at the beginning the third wave in technology. Cloud is pushing companies to offer up innovative IT and to transform the way they do business.

While public cloud enables organizations to do things much more rapidly, there is a lot more ahead. It’s not always going to be easy. The cloud journey is unique to each and every business. It involves a lot of change within the technology, culture, and the organization.

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