Massive Job Growth in Metro Atlanta – at 22TechPark

Anyone who is familiar with Atlanta, GA, where Relus Cloud is headquartered, knows there are a lot of people here. But what you may not know is that between April 2016 and April 2017, the metro Atlanta area grew more in the nation than any other metro region except Dallas-Fort Worth. With that influx of people comes a necessity of jobs, and unemployment for the IT industry is currently only 3.4%.

So what’s a talented job-searcher to do? Come check out the tenants at the premier tech incubator in North Atlanta – 22TechPark, which is seeing massive growth from 2 anchor tenants in particular: Relus Cloud and ATADATA. Relus Cloud alone is planning to add up to 50 six-figure jobs to the local metro Atlanta economy and has become a growth catalyst for other tenants in the building – especially those building apps. Relus Cloud’s expertise in building cloud infrastructure is helping 22TechPark tenants build highly scalable, innovative solutions running in the AWS cloud.

With industry growth like this, the search process can be intimidating. At Relus Cloud, we are always looking for talented people, and be sure to check out our interview tips from our talent delivery managers. And if you’re a startup looking for an incubator, come visit 22TechPark. The startups that reside within 22TechPark are a community of driven IT entrepreneurs connected by a passion to succeed and the willingness to support each other along the way. On the last Thursday of every month, we have a Pitch Off for small startups looking for company exposure, who need practice pitching in front of potential investors, or want to meet other ambitious people creating neat things. With just 5 minutes, each company will give it their best shot to dazzle the audience with their company concept. They also make great networking events for people looking to make new job connections!

We are proud of the environment we’ve created here at Relus with 22TechPark. Come visit us anytime, follow us on social media and make some connections.

About 22TechPark

22TechPark offers technology entrepreneurs a place to create, develop, network, and flourish. Our mission is to provide early stage IT startups with a working environment that is conducive to teamwork, sharing, flexibility, and execution. From a single person pod to a functional team area that grows as you grow, 22TechPark has options for most early stage startups. 22TechPark is located on the outside of the perimeter- perfect for North Atlantans seeking to work closer to home. For more information, visit

About Relus Cloud

Relus Cloud is an Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) helping customers prepare for growth, eliminate uncertainty, train their technical teams, and move faster in a cloud-first world. Our core competencies are Migrations, DevOps, and Big Data, with an emphasis on strategy consulting, architecture and design, secure cloud migration, culture change, managed services, and talent solutions. For more information, visit

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