Maturity Models and Metrics: Part Two


The path to digital transformation requires a skilled navigator and detailed map. What do you do once you’ve tested cloud offerings with a few workloads, learned basic navigation, and gained the attention of decision makers in your organization? It’s time to form a maturity model.

A cloud maturity model provides the tools necessary to measure current organizational capabilities. Once an initial measure is taken, the organization can plan a roadmap to reach every level of maturity. This roadmap should represent a collection of your organization’s capabilities and provide step goals for direction, not instruction.

I recently met with an organization at the beginning of their cloud journey. The team was hesitant to begin because they were lost in a “we don’t know what we don’t know” mentality. They have a large VMware install, but only tested placing a workload in AWS before we began collaborating. The team explored some of the additional benefits of AWS, and they are now eager to get a simple production workload in AWS.

Our initial step to get the team on track was to measure the organization’s maturity for culture, process, and technology capabilities. The first measurable maturity point is virtualized workloads. This organization has been consuming virtualized infrastructure for many years. Based on our maturity model, we can give this team a short-term goal of moving a decoupled application to the cloud next time they are due for an upgrade. There are several items to schedule, but this is the first foray, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Small steps forward will result in progress, which will lead to success in the long run.

After launching the two workloads into AWS, the team identified additional operational capabilities and network details they had not considered previously. However, the rest of the organization was already invested in the project based on the success the team had with two simple workloads. The team needed to address operational and network needs before making the next maturity leap toward gaining organizational readiness for cloud consumption.

This is typically when organizations seek out AWS partners. As an AWS consulting partner, Relus Cloud can build teams of experienced consultants, architects, and engineers to speed up the cloud maturity process. Relus Cloud helps organizations define VPC needs to assure data is secure, applications are scalable, and architectures are reliable. In one short engagement, we can mature an organization’s technical capabilities and accelerate their cloud journey. What is holding you back from the cloud transformation journey?

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