Relus Cloud at AWS re:Invent 2016 - Day Two


Tuesday was overflowing with information surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s safe to say that Amazon Echo’s Alexa ruled the conversation. If you haven’t seen it circling around social media yet, be sure to check out a video of the giant Alexa set up in the re:Invent hallway. It was a truly impressive machine to see in person!

In concordance with Alexa and home automation, Doug Yoon, Technical Account Manager for Relus Cloud’s DevOps team, developed a collective demonstration of IoT and Alexa to interface with AWS infrastructure services. Based on his configuration, Doug can trigger infrastructure actions with IoT button activities. With just one click, Alexa is activated to tell you how many instances are present at any given time. It’s certainly been a popular attraction at Booth 2840!

Vendors and partners gathered together to network for the first-time Tuesday night. The ecosystem of products and services built around AWS is apparent inside of the massive exhibit hall. We spent the evening meeting new people and hearing stories about personal journeys to the cloud. Common themes were apparent, with each story highlighting successful instances of innovation along with the continuous struggle to establish a culture of innovation. The people were new to us, but the stories were familiar. We understand the common hurdles involved with transitioning to the cloud, including team members with an aversion to change. We are happy to report that we are also familiar with the celebration once these hurdles are overcome. You may think your team will never accept digital transformation, but once they see the magic, they’ll embrace it and thank you for the upgrade.

We want to hear about your journey to the cloud! Stop by Booth 2840 for an in-person IoT demonstration, informed conversation, and to grab our awesome “Migrate Responsibly” swag.

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