Relus Cloud & Talent Delivery – A Premier Partnership

2017 was a big year for Talent Delivery at Relus. In the last few months, we’ve not only fully integrated into Relus Cloud, but we’ve also joined that professional services group in celebrating its official “promotion” to an Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner, making us the only member of this elite tier headquartered in the Southeast. We couldn’t be happier about what this means for the whole of Relus, as well as our unique recruitment and staffing group.

This news is coming at an extremely exciting time for AWS. The world’s most prolific cloud service came off a massive week at their annual re:Invent conference in Las Vegas in late November, where they announced the launch of new products including Kubernetes as a Service, Serverless Aurora, and SageMaker. The latest suite of offerings and continued innovation exhibited by AWS means huge opportunities for committed partners like Relus, who are born and bred in the cloud (see our blogs page for our full recap of the week).

The love is reciprocal, too. Andy Jassy, AWS’s CEO, gave a special shout-out to Relus Cloud during his keynote speech in Las Vegas. Not expected for a company just hitting its fourth year in business, is it? But not such a surprise once you examine our complete commitment to the AWS platform, as well as the certifications, competencies, and customer accomplishments that our Migration, DevOps, and Data & Analytics teams have put together over the past few years.

Our Talent Delivery group is thrilled to be an integral piece of Relus. In addition to staffing contract and full-time IT resources for our customers, we’ve helped internally recruit and build these very same Relus Cloud teams from the ground up. The body of work that those teams have put together in a short four years continues to prove that we are, simply put, one of the strongest transformative recruiting groups in the nation, and we have every intention of following AWS’s growth in the years to come.

As a go-to partner, it’s a challenging but extremely exciting opportunity to keep up with a product that experiences double-digit growth on an almost quarterly basis (Q3 2017 showed a record $4.6 billion in sales for AWS). There’s no shortage of demand—the cloud is the future and our customers want to be there—and it’s Talent Delivery’s job to ensure that Relus has the sharpest minds in Machine Learning, DevOps, and enterprise-level AWS migrations to make 2018 the most successful year yet for our customers.

This all provides a tremendous advantage to our staffing clients, as well. In a market that is often considered trite and oversaturated with recruiting agencies, our unique partnership with AWS offers a serious dose of credibility to our Talent Delivery group. Our recruitment division is now fully integrated into a Premier AWS partner, allowing us direct access to the technologists and professional networks that have built one of the country’s most successful cloud practices.

We on the Relus Cloud Talent Delivery team intend to take full advantage of this unique and powerful differentiator, and our internal staffing practice, along with external staffing clients, will reap the rewards alongside us. The news out of AWS and Relus over the past few weeks clearly shows that neither of us plan on slowing down and, just as Relus Cloud will continue to offer options in cloud-based disruptive technologies, Talent Delivery will provide the same to the world of IT staffing.