WIT Mentors

Our values are at the core of everything we do here at Relus Cloud and these values don't just stop at the door. We continually strive to demonstrate our values in everything we do, as well as find new ways to to pay it forward in our community.

In an effort to continue to pay it forward,  Relus Cloud has been actively pursuing opportunities to participate with Women in Technology (WIT), and this past month has been no exception. We were able to partake in two separate programs that have provided value to our company through the incorporation of mentorships.

It seems that at almost every WIT meeting we have attended, the importance of having a mentorship is an underlying theme. Meeting after meeting we discuss the importance of finding a mentor in the IT space and developing personally as well as professionally with the help of that guidance. This is one of the reasons it was amazing to have the chance to then flip from being the mentee to being the mentor by participating in both the High School Shadow Program and hiring on an incredible Intern through the WIT Internship program, Chidera Obinali.

The WIT Shadow program gave us the opportunity to show six high school girls a glimpse at our jobs within the IT world. It was amazing to see how these girls were so driven and ready to be exposed to different career paths at such a young age. We provided them with advice and instruction on ways to become a leader in this fast-growing industry as well as try to uncover aspects of the  IT industry that they did not even know existed. This experience gave them hands-on experience with various job functions that we have here at Relus Cloud. Throughout this experience the girls worked on a presentation to demonstrate what they learned at their time at Relus Cloud, this helped them practice their teamwork and collaboration- a crucial skill to have in any workplace. At the end of the program, all six girls stood up in front of a large group of amazing women to present what they learned. It was a unique way for the Relus Mentors to see the true impact this week had on these young women.

We also recently hired a WIT scholarship winner, Chidera Obinali to join our summer internship program. Through her internship she is getting the chance to use her web design skills acquired at Georgia Southern University to help build out website for our incubator, 22TechPark. It has been incredible to see the passion she has for the creative side of technology, truly showing the importance of the “A” in STEAM. Chidera is able to combine both design and implementation in order to create a user friendly platform and positive end user experience on the website. We have continuously been impressed with her since day one and cannot wait to see the final product at the end of the summer.

Participating in these programs has not only had an impact on the girls involved, but they have had a continuous impact on us here at Relus Cloud. We were able to see these girls develop thoughts about the future in just a short time by simply showing them options in the IT industry. Through their own development, we too were able to integrate two of our core values, to Continuously Improve and Continuously Develop and to Pay it Forward. These WIT engagements are both experiences that we have loved and cannot wait to be a part of again.