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Relus Cloud Talent Insights: Doug Yoon, Technical Account Manager

"The best part is that Relus team members are all about cloud empowerment; explaining to the customer what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how they can help themselves. We make sure our clients understand what is happening and why during each step of the journey."

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Relus Cloud Talent Insights: Kevin Davis, Director of DevOps and Strategy

Kevin Davis, Director of DevOps and Strategy at Relus Cloud, partners with customers by helping them understand how public cloud offerings can be consumed.

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Upgrading Your Server Room

Companies are transitioning to the cloud every day, leaving thousands of server rooms empty and exposed. Traditionally windowless, these confined spaces may seem like ideal supply closets, but hold off on moving pens and tissue boxes. It’s time to attract top industry talent and integrate a brand new energy into these specially designed spaces.

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