Relus Cloud Talent Insights: Doug Yoon, Technical Account Manager


Doug Yoon, Managed Services & Technical Account Manager for Relus Cloud, helps customers troubleshoot issues and optimize applications in AWS. Doug enjoys creating options for customers in AWS by improving the availability and resiliency of customer applications and leveraging a vast array of AWS services.

In your opinion, what value does Relus Cloud bring to our customers? Relus has an experienced and extremely talented team that enjoys solving customer challenges quickly and efficiently. The best part is that Relus team members are all about cloud empowerment; explaining to the customer what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how they can help themselves. We make sure our clients understand what is happening and why during each step of the journey.

If you were a customer, what would you want out of a partner like Relus Cloud? I would want Relus to be on-site working shoulder-to-shoulder with my team and providing guidance as often as possible. Our clients seem to agree, as they commonly request for our team to be on-site and we are happy to oblige. There is something to be said about face-to-face interactions and being plugged in with an organization in order to understand the unique company culture and team needs.

What do customers need help with today? Clients need as much help as they can find when it comes to complex cloud and big data initiatives. Being under-resourced seems to be a chronic issue for many companies. Customers not only want help with their AWS infrastructure, they also like us to pitch in with everything from installing new software to updating their databases. Our team is happy to help in every way possible.

What are customer’s biggest problems when it comes to cloud adoption? Customers occasionally have misconceptions about why they should move to the cloud. For example, clients may believe that they can move away from hosting their own data center to save money and then continue business as usual. Sure, they will save money with that mindset, but moving to the cloud is more about providing better service to their customers and accelerating innovation with their products. We are here to make sure the transition is smooth and that our clients understand their new capabilities. We don’t want them to make this investment without getting the most out of it.

What is cool about public cloud adoption? There is something new every day! A new service from Amazon, a new way to use (and break) AWS, a new way to make products quickly and cost-efficiently. It’s truly a force multiplier.

What is hard about public cloud adoption? There is something new every day! It’s crucial and time-consuming to stay up-to-date with the latest product updates and releases, but it’s also what makes the industry fun.

What excites you when it comes to technology and what Relus does? I began a career in technology because it sparked my imagination. Public cloud allows that spark to turn into a fire very quickly. Relus is the gas on that fire, encouraging everyone to think anew every day.

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