Relus Cloud Talent Insights: Jimmy Stetzel, Director, Cloud Migration


Jimmy Stetzel, Director of Cloud Migration, assists organizations by providing expertise in project vision, strategy and implementation. As a consultant and cloud architect, Jimmy’s day-to-day process involves working with customers to break down problems and create practical solutions for migration and organizational transformation.

In your opinion, what value does Relus Cloud bring to our customers?

The biggest value Relus provides customers is our talented and experienced team. We have an incredible group of engineers and architects with deep experience, spanning across many industries. The team is highly customer focused and finds pride in customer success.

If you were a customer, what would you want out of a partner like Relus Cloud?

I would want a partner who understands the struggle, has walked in our shoes, and can deliver solutions that relate directly to business objectives. They would become an extension of our team by being approachable, respectful of our culture, completely transparent, and share knowledge. I would also want them to help our internal teams grow and provide higher value to the company.

What do customers need help with today?

Customers find it challenging to transform their organization in order to utilize public cloud platforms. Tight deadlines and large-scale operations can cause plans to appear massive. At Relus, we truly enjoy dissecting overwhelming cloud adoption tasks into manageable steps for clients. We help customers evaluate their business by providing strategic roadmaps, architecture, and engineering support throughout their journey.

What are customer’s biggest problems when it comes to cloud adoption?

Understanding the changes that relate to their business, such as compliance regulations, cost (Capex to Opex), team structures, cloud methodologies, and security.

What is cool about public cloud adoption?

Public cloud adoption allows customers to focus more on business productivity and less on running data centers. The public cloud provides more flexibility, which enables clients to promptly deliver new products, effectively respond to customer demands, and keep pace with market trends.

What is hard about public cloud adoption?

People are, by far, the most challenging area of cloud transformation. At Relus, we have a passion for guiding organizations through the hurdles tough employees create. Trying every re-org approach only prolongs the transformation, creates higher attrition percentages, and leaves senior leadership with fewer decisions. It’s important to help leaders understand the adjustments that need to take place, how to tackle them, and where to lead the team for success. We make sure customers are led on a faster and smoother road to success without hitting every pothole along the way.

What excites you when it comes to technology and what Relus does?

For me, it’s seeing customers get excited about their future. For example, when clients make a large milestone, such as a production launch/cut over, or the shutting down of a data center as part of their consolidation and cloud transformation. I enjoy celebrating with them in their successes.

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