Relus Cloud Talent Insights: Kevin Davis, Director of DevOps and Strategy


Kevin Davis, Director of DevOps and Strategy at Relus Cloud, partners with customers by helping them understand how public cloud offerings can be consumed. Kevin investigates how organizations should evolve, both culturally and structurally, to successfully adopt and operate cloud workloads. His goal is to drive a value proposition to business stakeholders through end to end automation, while also educating customers on behaviors and cultures that deliver these technologies successfully.

What do you spend most of your day doing?

My day varies based on what is actively relevant to our practice. I provide Cloud Architecture in projects we are delivering for customers, consult customers directly in consulting engagements, and lead the DevOps practice. Directing our DevOps practice includes managing people, leading technology decisions, actively participating in the sales process, and developing our offerings to make our delivery more efficient and more consumable by potential customers.

In your opinion, what value does Relus Cloud bring to our customers?

The Relus Cloud team has ‘been there, done that.’ Relus Cloud successfully helps organizations avoid mistakes others have already encountered. At an organizational level, the team educates customers to understand organizing and operating in the cloud. Relus Cloud defines an easily adoptable culture for each individual organization. The processes required to enable internal customer stakeholders to operate has to change from an old standard ITIL. Relus Cloud understands the friction involved and guides technical leaders over the hurdles presented by the old processes. Finally, Relus Cloud’s technical resources are customer obsessed and are known for delivering quality.

If you were a customer, what would you want out of a partner like Relus Cloud?

Once upon a time I was a customer, working with an AWS partner. I desired a group that had a similar delivery culture as my own; one with a variety of expertise in their team that could fill the technology gaps in my organization. I wanted a partner that could help me forward my mission with my business stakeholders, which I believe most customers are seeking.

What do customers need help with today?

Customers need an outside perspective from experienced consultants. Small business customers typically don’t have the time and staff necessary to see issues outside of their immediate problem set to know what they should be doing. Large business customers have an abundance of people, however, those people are often consumed in company politics and miss the meaningful change possible for their businesses.

What are customer’s biggest problems when it comes to cloud adoption?

People with an aversion to change are the number one problem. Technology challenges are there, but we’ve never encountered a technology problem that couldn’t be overcome.

What is cool about public cloud adoption?

Public cloud adoption is fun, disruptive, challenging, and takes leadership. The most important part is that it enables the business, and change that impacts revenue is always fun.

What is hard about public cloud adoption?

People, because people become complacent and human nature is to reject change.

What excites you when it comes to technology and what Relus does?

End to end automation of the delivery process excites me. Cloud helps the business, but DevOps and automation deliver the magic to the product owner. Stop spending time on the process and the technology and focus on making your product better through features and quality.

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