The Cloud Migration Bubble

According to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the peak time and money necessary to migrate to the cloud is the “Cloud Migration Bubble.” While cost savings are certainly a benefit of cloud computing, the initial financial investment to move applications and infrastructure to the cloud may surprise clients.

When planning a shift to cloud computing, it’s vital to remember basic considerations.

Organizations need to factor in initial time and money for:

  • Planning and assessing
  • Duplicating environments
  • Bringing current staff up to speed
  • Hiring necessary talent
  • In-depth consulting
  • Conducting third-party tooling
  • Reviewing lease penalties

It may be tempting to simply skip a few of the steps above, but think again. Avoiding the planning and assessment process introduces the risk of a “boil the ocean” approach, ultimately preventing swift migration. Not running duplicate environments for a period of time may negatively impact customers and your inability to service them. If you don’t invest in training your team, they will feel as though they are being replaced and leave for a different company. It’s difficult to know what you don’t know, and avoiding the experience offered by consultants may result in a majorly flawed environment. If you constantly try to time migrations with leases, tasks will never be complete.

While the costs may appear overwhelming, it’s important to remember the immediate savings that will follow. For example, there will no longer be a need for maintaining on-premise infrastructure, certain IT roles will no longer be relevant, and payback for the investment relies on cost planning at the beginning of the project. Having a comprehensive understanding of current infrastructure investment, approaching migration bubble costs, and projected savings will help calculate payback time and projected ROI.

To reduce costs, partner with a “bubble buster” to make a list of initiatives and find strategic ways to reduce the size of the bubble. At Relus, our team of highly experienced “bubble buster” cloud architects have the wisdom necessary for high-quality cloud migrations, environment assessments, planning and roadmaps, team training, and knowledge sharing. We lower the cost of your duplicate environment by providing short-term maintenance on your infrastructure equipment. We counterbalance lease penalties by buying back equipment and making it available to you as you transition away from needing it. Relus also partners with many of most certified tools in the market, such as ATADATASumo LogicNew Relic, and CloudCheckr.

As you embark on your journey to the cloud, remember to take the migration bubble seriously and avoid short cuts. You will be positioned to make your business more competitive, agile, and efficient.

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