The Relus Internship 2018: Part 1

When you think of a standard internship you think of grabbing coffee, making copies, and overall being told what to do. However, my Relus experience is quite the opposite. The value and overall impact of my work at Relus far exceeds my internship expectations. Thus, I want to document and share this enlightening journey.

The beginning weeks interning at Relus have been a whirlwind of faces, new projects, responsibilities and, of course, fun. During my short tenure here, I have received two AWS certifications, sat in on meetings with Account Executives and Solutions Architects, given speeches for our Toastmasters Club, and much more. This all is made possible by the incredible people here. ”Relus’ people are its greatest resources. So shake a hand!” This quote was said to us within our first hours of reporting for work, and I cannot begin to describe its accuracy. The feeling of walking through the office and having the CEO speak to you, by name, shows that Relus is a place where each person has value. My biggest desire going into this internship was that I would be able to make an impact, and based on these first weeks, I can tangibly see that becoming a reality.  There have been no feelings of displacement nor ambiguity. As a Relus intern, I have a purpose, a role, and a value.

Overall, there is much more to learn over the next nine weeks. Despite having little experience, the support of my team and the welcoming attitude of this company pushes all of us to progress with little fear. I know that there will be success and there will be failure, but I also know that I have a community of people behind me that will be there every step of the way ready to catch me when I fall.