The Relus Internship 2018: Part 2

It's apparent when walking into Relus that they hire a certain caliber of employee. On all internal levels, there is a constant drive, overwhelming talent, and inspiration each coworker possesses. During my first few weeks here it became obvious that all of the Relus employees have a common denominator: they hustle. Whether it is a simple meeting, improving internal systems, or planning future growth, I am immersed in constant innovation, progression and forward-thinking. Although this could sound intimidating, being surrounded by such motivational people does two things: a) proves that if a company hires quality people, that company will produce quality work. The more I learn about the inner day to day operations, the more I trust and admire my company's true prestige. We have one of a kind people that are driven to produce one of a kind work. And b) they challenge you to also operate at that level of excellence. The qualities I saw in the Relus Cloud employees, they apparently also saw in me. A sense of obligation grew knowing that Relus saw my potential to grow these qualities that inspire their employees’ constantly. I’ve noticed, during my past few weeks, that my work quality soared, my learning curve grew immensely, and I developed what I fondly call the “Relus hustle.” In turn, I have never felt more personally fulfilled and prideful in a company. The work pace is fast, the jobs are challenging, but having a company that supports and believes in me makes doing my work motivating instead of daunting. Overall, when self doubt arises, the Relus work community invariably reminds me to welcome the opportunity with an open mind and enthusiastic, “Rise up!”