The Relus Internship 2018: Part 3

Working for Relus Cloud has proven to be a great and fulfilling experience so far during the summer of 2018. Though my tenure at the company has been relatively short, I have been fully immersed in the workplace culture, the project management department, and the world of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The culture here at Relus Cloud has struck a rare note of balance. In the office, employees are not only competitive and driven, but also compassionate and helpful. This balance is important because the two different columns can usually compromise each other if not finely in tune. There is an environment conducive to working hard and of helping one another out if the time calls for it. This is in large part due to Relus Cloud’s unique mission statement and codified culture guidelines—crafted with care one does not find in many companies.

Being a project management intern offers a unique perspective of the company not many get to see. Project management has been described as the mediators between all different fields of the company and the overseers of the whole project at large. This cannot only offer an intern a bird’s eye view of how the company works, but also gives a great low-level view of a project through correspondence with individuals throughout the company. It is a great starting point and offers a lot of flexibility in learning about the company, because of the exposure in a myriad of different areas.

AWS is a giant in its own right. Knowing this, being in the space of cloud computing and having a solid grasp of how such systems work is an instrumental skill to have if going into the tech world. At Relus Cloud every employee is encouraged to take as many classes and certifications as they can. Along the way, employees are supplied with numerous resources—including membership to A Cloud Guru—and are reimbursed for any certification they pass. Relus Cloud does a great job in making sure everyone learns as much as they can about the burgeoning field of AWS.

My experience at Relus Cloud has been great so far; an experience that shows potential for a very enriching internship. Everything from the unique culture of the company, the eclectic experience as a project manager, and the encouraged learning of AWS all serves as a great experience for not only the job at hand, but also any future employment I will pursue.