The Relus Internship 2018: Part 4

It’s the seventh week of my internship at Relus Cloud and after some reflection it has been nothing short of an amazing experience so far. As an intern in the Data & Analytics department, I have been exposed to many AWS tools and have been given a deep-dive understanding of the data and analytics ecosystems. Relus Cloud trusts their employees, they want them to “Act Like an Owner” and they instill that same trust in their interns. If you are an intern here, expect to work on real projects, interact efficiently with people on every team, and actively ask questions.

During the first week of my internship, I was assigned to build an internal tool to speed up the ETL job process on AWS. Sound complicated? It is. Frankly, I’m surprised that my manager trusted an intern to do this. I felt incompetent to complete the project at first, but he insisted that working on a real project is the fastest way to understand the company, work culture, and learn about AWS and the data and analytics ecosystem. Moreover, he keeps reminding me that “people are the most valuable resource at Relus Cloud and speaking with people is the fastest way to learn.” As time passes by I couldn’t agree with him more. Just by having a 30-minute discussion with a Relus Cloud Engineer I learn more than multiple hours worth of reading, tutorials, and online lectures could teach me combined. People here all work hard and hustle, but if you ask, they are willing to stop and lend you a helping hand. For example, one of our engineers spent almost an hour walking me through her code, explaining the concept so I could understand the tool she was building. Another time, I messaged a remote engineer and she was willing to examine my solution to a problem and help me debug my code. I have learned a ton, not only through working on my own project, but by also shadowing other engineers and data scientists to help them on their projects.

Interns at Relus Cloud also have access to an abundant amount of enterprise resources. This access expedites our onboarding process both in the technical fields and business operations. There is no better way to learn about the AWS ecosystem than being able to run experiments, interact with its API, and orchestrate these tools to build a production-efficient application. At Relus Cloud, people work closely together, so you can communicate with individuals from different departments to get many perspectives about the same problem. At other companies, it would be very difficult to get this opportunity.

As a Data Analytics intern at Relus Cloud, I have learned so much technical knowledge about AWS and data & analytics, built real projects, and have made a real impact on the company. I have also met and spoken with many intelligent, knowledgeable and amazingly friendly people. From those individuals, I have learned about business operations, project management, sales, and so much more. I really couldn’t ask for more from an internship. Relus Cloud really cares about their employees and invests in their people to help them grow professionally and personally.