Relus Cloud Values in Action #2: Be the Customer’s Hero

Values Series Option 2.png

The first superhero movie I remember watching as a child was Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman. Who knew? Superman’s alter ego dressed in suit and tie, reporting the news as his 9-5 was actually an orphaned alien from Krypton who possessed superhuman abilities like flying and strength. When things get real and the world has serious villainous issues, Superman shows up to find a way to solve the problem. Superman is an extraordinary hero, “Super” hero.

Ordinary people can be heroes, too. After all, that is the underlying thematic lesson of the Harry Potter series. Ordinary people overcoming fear, uncertainty, and doubt to save the world. At Relus Cloud, we strive to be the customer’s hero. We do that by overcoming each of these three factors:


The people of Relus Cloud often reach deep to overcome fear of various forms. Fear of change, for example. Technology is constantly changing, and cloud technology has only increased the rate of change. Products designed and delivered today may not have a market tomorrow. Relus Cloud overcomes this fear with relentless continuous improvement.


The world of technology is filled with uncertainty for those who cannot identify the data, weigh the options, and ultimately come to decisions. Uncertainty prevents execution. Relus Cloud overcomes uncertainty by providing access to meaningful data and empowering people to make decisions and move faster to create adoption.


One cure for doubt is to be right, a lot. No one who has the information and is empowered to take action should ever doubt themselves. Doubt leads to inaction, which leads to failure to execute, which leads to lack of adoption of ideas. Relus Cloud overcomes doubt through an empowered workforce that is right, a lot.

Relus Cloud customers can relate. No matter where customers are in their Cloud, DevOps, or Data Analytics journey, they often find themselves filled with fear, uncertainty, and doubt. As a result, they do not take action and fail to illicit adoption. The Relus Cloud team serves as the customer’s hero by removing fear, uncertainty, and doubt from the cloud journey, gaining broad adoption for technologies that make measurable differences for customers’ businesses.