Why AWS is Perfect for Surging Website Traffic


Marketers spend a lot of time planning marketing initiatives to drive traffic to an organization’s hub – it’s website.  A viral marketing campaign can generate a huge traffic spike on your website. Without the infrastructure in place to scale, you could be left with a crashed website, a negative brand reputation, and missed revenue.

Amazon Web Services eliminates that worry of having to predict and provision infrastructure needs before launching your marketing campaigns. In this blog, we share four fundamental tips on why it makes sense to migrate your web properties to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

 Scaling with Demand Dynamically

With AWS, you get complete control of your resources needed to run scalable and sophisticated marketing campaigns. AWS offers Auto-Scaling, which will elastically grow and shrink compute resources and handle demands in website traffic seamlessly. AWS Auto-Scaling is the cloud scalability service that changed the game and allowed some of the most popular websites, like Airbnb, Pinterest, and Expedia, to handle and scale to millions of requests.

Rapid Content Delivery

When visitors hit your website, you want your content, like images, videos, and even text, to be distributed without latency. With Amazon CloudFront, as a marketer, you don’t have to worry about poor website performance because the static and dynamic content is delivered through edge locations. There are hundreds of use cases to leverage Amazon CloudFront including B2C e-commerce, advertising, news and sports information, science and technology. CloudFront offers your site visitors a consistent experience and supports multiple devices, like mobile, tablet, desktop, and SmartTVs.

Meaningful Data Analysis

Another area in which AWS excels is big data and data analytics. Because of the scalability and on-demand nature of the platform, you can take large data sets from your websites such as site visits, buyer behavior, and clickstreams and analyze it quickly and efficiently in AWS. Your marketing team will never wait for access to data either because AWS uses solid-state technology to provide millisecond access.

AWS and partners offer some of the most popular data visualization platforms to make sure your campaigns are targeted, effective and hitting campaign goals and objectives. You can even leverage streaming data to deliver real-time insights to business stakeholders. Check out a Relus Cloud customer that transformed its marketing data into actionable insights here.


The scalability of the AWS cloud combined with the pay-as-you-go model makes for all the more reason to consider it for your website. You only pay for what resources you use, and there are no long-term commitments. You can shut off services if needed. The AWS pay-for-use model helps minimize costs while maintaining optimal performance.


AWS makes it easy to host scalable, highly available websites and web applications.  With tools like Auto-Scaling, CloudFront, and more you can move the heavy lifting to a platform and not wait for the resources needed to provision a successful marketing campaign or website. For more information on getting started, feel free to reach out to a Relus Cloud Architect and get more tailored strategies on your digital marketing enablement.

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