Why You Should Consider Big Data on AWS This Year


You still keep hearing the usual big data buzzwords—real-time analytics, recommendation engines, gamification etc.— which makes you realize that the term ‘Big Data’ may actually be noteworthy. Your company generates a lot of data but it has become difficult to store, organize, and make use of that data. Perhaps, you turn to an internet search to find a solution for your enterprise data problem. You are confronted with the need for your organization to have its own dedicated analytics infrastructure in place.

For small to medium sized business, building your own big data infrastructure—which includes hardware and software applications—is usually above the financial resources available to businesses and this calls for alternatives. AWS provides a more affordable alternative to traditional on-premise big data solutions. We will discuss three reasons why you should consider big data on AWS as the year continues.

Take Advantage of a Fast, Fully-Managed Data Warehouse

To create a streamlined system for analyzing collected data, the first step is acquiring infrastructure to store data which can then be accessed and processed quickly by your analytics or visualization software. AWS accomplishes this with the integration of Amazon Redshift which delivers fast query performance by making use of columnar storage technology to enhance efficiency and monitor your stored data.

Amazon Redshift is a fully managed, petabyte-scaled data warehouse which allows you automate administration duties and easily handle monitoring using key performance indicators. More importantly, enterprises can save costs by taking advantage of the flexible pay-as-you-use plans. This allows you start small as well as scale up as your servers collect more and more data.

Streamline and Monitor Web, Mobile, & Customer Data

Most enterprises make use of both mobile and web-based platforms while working simultaneously to provide services to customers. If your business falls into this category, then it becomes imperative to incorporate the use of a capable big data analytics platform that enables you to monitor and analyze customer data coming from multiple platforms.

Amazon Dynamo DB—a sub-service of AWS—provides your enterprise with the required tools needed to build the best infrastructure for your web and mobile applications. Amazon DynamoDB is also a fully managed cloud database that supports document and key-value store models. This means you do not have to build from scratch but tailor it to fit your application’s exact needs. Lastly, it works compatibly with other AWS infrastructure to provide a fast-paced storage, monitoring, and analytic ecosystem for businesses.

Integrate Real-Time Processing to Speed up Operations and Enhance Security

The ability to analyze customer data in real-time—as events occur—plays a huge role in monitoring your business operations, tracking transactions, and pinpointing any anomalies that are occurring in real time. It also gives IT managers and marketing executives visibility into spikes in user traffic, transactional patterns, and keep track of a wealth of customer information. Understanding the velocity and veracity of business data helps businesses prepare their servers to handle peak periods and identify the patterns of your customers.

Amazon Kinesis is an AWS platform that allows you stream data on AWS as well as build a customized data application stream. It provides access to data coming from multiple user platforms—web, mobile, wearables, etc.—while continuously processing these data in real-time. With AWS infrastructure, Amazon Kinesis can also be used in a pay-as-you-use format which allows you manage the amount of resources spent on developing big data solution for your enterprise.

Where do you go from here?

It is in the best interest of businesses to continue innovating and seek out new ways to delight customers. It is also a business necessity to ensure customer and transactional information are safe while providing quick and quality services that surpasses your customer’s expectations. Big data on AWS helps you accomplish all of these with ease while working within your budget. AWS can also help you begin your journey of digital transformation by taking advantage of the capabilities of cloud computing – scalability, reliability, and cost-savings.

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