WIT Connect 2018

Last week the Relus Cloud team sponsored and attended Women In Technology’s Connect 2018 at the Georgia Aquarium. Although the location was VERY cool, the event was about much more than that. I wanted to take some time to provide insight on some incredible things I have been reflecting on since the event. While these were not the only thought-provoking points I took away from the event, these three truly represent just how encompassing the Women In Technology network is.

1. Community is everything.

As Senior Account Executive Rachel Zarach said, “being able to interact with so many successful women IT leaders in Atlanta was inspiring and impactful.” It’s not every day hundreds of inspiring, impactful, powerful women leaders are in the same room. The spirit and community in the room was overwhelming. When you looked around you constantly saw women making intros and welcoming newcomers. This is what events like this are for. To encourage others to follow their passions and dreams.

2. Inspiration is everywhere.

During the ceremony, girls of all ages were awarded various scholarships from large technology companies to help them chase their dreams. As People and Culture Coordinator Claire Williams expressed, “It was inspiring to see many young women receiving life-changing scholarships and highlighting the success that they have had early on in their academic journey.” It is exciting to see young girls get the recognition they deserve after working hard and focusing on their future careers.

3. Women In Technology impact everyone.

Women in the technology field are no longer an isolated group. Organizations like WIT help highlight the impact that women have had on the field of technology. “Seeing how the donations and mentorships provided by WIT have affected so many young girls and allowed them to pursue their passions further than they’ve ever dreamed was inspiring to see. It shows how organizations like WIT truly make a difference,” said Marketing Operations Specialist Amelia Queen. Many young girls are told the STEAM jobs are not for them, and WIT does exactly the opposite of that. Anyone with drive, passion, and resilience can succeed in a STEAM role and can impact everyone.

I hope you enjoyed these short tid-bits I took away from an inspiring night that raised over $350,000 to be used to empower girls and women in STEAM! This night also provided the perfect preparation to kick-off the WIT Girls Job Shadow Week where 90 girls will shadow STEAM professionals at 11 companies around Atlanta to get a glimpse into their desired careers. And, guess what. Relus Cloud is one of those 11 companies! Make sure to stay tuned for more updates throughout the week!