Largest Supplier of Hair Products & Tools


The Director of Infrastructure Technology at the company mandated a move to Amazon Web Services to host key applications with PCI-DSS compliance for its e-commerce website. The company required the expertise of an experienced AWS partner to evaluate and design the foundation to support key applications and future initiatives in AWS. As an Advanced Consulting Partner, Relus Cloud was selected to complete the migration to AWS. Relus also delivered a consistent and concise methodology for added value solution for customers consuming Amazon Web Services.



As the largest supplier of hair products and tools, the company needed a secure and PCI-compliant VPC and network. AWS allowed the company to host its one-stop destination for hair products and tools on a secure AWS environment. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Relus Cloud was selected to configure authentication, Identity Access Management policies and roles, and secure storage for the applications.



Relus Cloud started by providing an assessment of the legacy data center environment and future-state in AWS. The assessment was based on best practices that are built to scale and grow as adoption increases which included the design of a customized VPC configuration for the largest supplier of hair products and tools. With the goal of moving many different applications over to AWS, a comprehensive migration plan was created to include a high-level AWS architecture design, migration timeline, detailed application architecture, a series of AWS planning workshops, the migration of instances for each application, templates for reference architectures and the complete migration of data to AWS.

Relus Cloud leveraged numerous AWS services, including Amazon EC2, S3, AMIs, IAM, CloudFormation, RDS, Glacier, and EBS. Using these services, the company was able to migrate its core web applications and services to AWS and implement a PCI-compliant environment. Relus Cloud built the AWS environment with a complete VPC and VLAN setup, configuration of authentication tiers, Elastic Load Balancing setup, and logging and auditing within the AWS environment.