Leading Provider of Resources & Information for Automobile Owners


Relus Cloud is pleased to announce the successful migration of a leading provider of resources and information for automobile owners’ on-premise infrastructure and applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Company engaged Relus Technologies to assist with the migration of their current infrastructure to AWS. Relus utilized reports from the initial discovery project to inform a new architecture in adherence to AWS best practices. Relus then assisted in the migration and cutover of the roughly 37 machines currently supporting the Company’s application stacks.



The Company’s Project Lead mandated a migration of the Company’s infrastructure to AWS. To do so, the company required the expertise of a cloud partner experienced in AWS architecture and best practices. The cloud partner needed to assist in the migration to AWS.



The Relus Cloud Team provided professional cloud services and managed services to assist the Company with the migration to AWS. Relus Cloud starting by performing a full infrastructure and application assessment to access application stacks and dependencies, a review of the network infrastructure and readiness, security requirements and an AWS Planning Workshop for the Company.

Relus Cloud team then worked with the Company to determine the best architecture design based on the results of the infrastructure application assessment. Once the design document was approved by the Company’s team, Relus created a detailed design document of the infrastructure.

After approval, Relus Cloud Delivery Team built and implemented the AWS foundation which included building both Data Tier and Application Tier, configuring the Amazon CloudFormation, migrating and setting up backups through AWS applications.

Following the design and build, Relus Cloud Team supported the test and validation of the architecture and provided post implementation support.

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