Amazon Connect is a next-generation, secure, and highly available Contact Center as a Service hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Building upon the same technology used by Amazon’s Contact Centers, Amazon Connect combines innovations in Machine Learning with fully managed telephony infrastructure.

  • FULLY MANAGED - Amazon Connect takes care of tasks such as infrastructure provisioning and software maintenance for you, allowing you to focus on driving business value rather than operational tasks.

  • HIGHLY AVAILABLE - Amazon Web Services ensure high availability. Amazon Connect runs on the same highly available infrastructure as other AWS services.

  • SCALABLE - Relus Cloud designs a database solution that will scale up and down to meet workload requirements, using the flexible compute, storage, and networking resources of AWS.

  • NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING - Amazon Connect provides integration with AWS services such as Lex and Polly to perform natural language processing and text-to-speech.

  • CRM INTEGRATION - Amazon Connect integrates with popular CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • SECURE AND COMPLIANT - Amazon Connect protects sensitive customer data and is certified compliant with the latest PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and SOC requirements.

Business Benefits of Contact Center Engage

  • Managed platform - Focus resources on generating business value, revenue, and capabilities.

  • Licensing Cost - Stop paying licensing costs for commercial contact center solutions.

  • Telephony Costs - Pay only for what is used rather than high costs for unused numbers.

  • Innovations - Take advantage of new innovations immediately instead of waiting on new hardware, software upgrades, and costly implementation time on-premises.

  • Security - Keep critical business data out of reach of attack vectors using AWS best practices for Contact Centers designed by Relus Cloud.

  • Auto scaling allows your Contact Center to scale with business demand.

Why Relus Cloud

Relus Cloud is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with extensive experience with workloads in AWS.  Our focus for Contact Center services stems from our experience serving every role in the Contact Center and the pain of interfacing with, managing, and maintaining Contact Center systems.  We are thought leaders in modernization of the Contact Center experience, from agent to manager to business value realization through the empowerment of Data and Analytics and AI technologies.

Our Process


Review the options. We will share some of the use cases for Amazon Connect to understand what type of implementation would align with your goals. Amazon Connect features and integrations will be discussed so you may take advantage of features that may not exist in your current configuration.


An assessment will enable us to design the appropriate Connect configuration to meet the needs of your business.


We will propose an approach for migrating a campaign or group of agents to Amazon Connect or implementing a new Connect Contact Center. Connect features will be included to address items identified in the discovery process. The plan will cover all steps required in making the new Amazon Connect instance available to the business.


A proposed implementation schedule will be provided. This will align with current business user needs and SLA’s. Milestones will be used as checkpoints to ensure project objectives are being met.