We Build Scalable & Secure Data & Analytics Solutions on AWS


As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network Big Data Competency provider, Relus Cloud efficiently builds highly scalable, practical, and secure data platforms and build advanced analytics capabilites including machine learning. Relus Cloud’s Data and Analytics Practice provides the expertise, tools and insight you need to create customer-centric, data-driven strategies that can transform your business and create new avenues for growth. We can build turnkey solutions or help you get your existing team up to speed in a matter of weeks.


Interested in Finding Opportunities in Your Data?

Let us know what you’re looking to accomplish and we’ll identify the right solutions.


Our Practice

Organizations create a variety of data at different volumes and velocities. That data can reach unprecedented levels, making it challenging to decipher relevant information. Relus can help you tackle the challenges associated with huge data setsstructured and unstructured data and real-time responses


The Data & Analytics Consulting Process

Data is only useful if it is manageable. Your data and analytics plan should facilitate growth and enable you to make strategic decisions - That's where we come in.  To master the management of complex data sets, businesses must prioritize scalability of their environment, automation, and speed while also ensuring secure storage of their data.


Planning your data vision

Based on the questions you want to answer, we create a plan for you to obtain, manage, and scale your data sets.

Fast Proof of Concept

Innovation requires speed. We quickly validate our solutions to give your business the edge.

Proven Results

We are only satisfied when you see the results that enable you to answer vital questions for your business.


Get the Full Picture


IOT & Devices

Securely manage and monitor data collected from a variety of platforms and connected devices.

Predictive Modeling

Anticipate the behavior of your customers through data mining. Predict new areas for growth.

Operational Intelligence

Get answers in real time so that you can make strategic decisions day-to-day.


Data Warehousing & Analysis

We analyze your current storage setup and determine the most cost-effective storage solutions for your data.

Machine Learning

Drive business outcomes through predictive insights and advanced analytics

Automate Code Deployment

Automate your queries and code to increase efficiency and discover new opportunities.


Data & Analytics Resources

Not sure where to start? Check out our resources. 


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