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Time to market is crucial for business goals. Is your IT agility aligned with your DevOps evolution? Amazon Web Services (AWS) adds tremendous value in the software development cycle, specifically focusing on development and test phases. If your software development process does not utilize infrastructure automation for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), your business is not at its most competitive. 

We design and implement quality software build processes to make your business more efficient by providing an in depth analysis of your existing infrastructure and processes with a focus on identifying key areas to implement DevOps concepts.


DevOps Consulting


Automated, Agile Delivery Pipelines

Our passion for CI/CD offers customers a unique advantage, enabling us to deliver impactful, secure automation solutions for software development projects. Relus Cloud recognizes that software building processes without automation for continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines are at risk for slow and costly development projects.


Infrastructure as Code

Create an environment where development and test are never hardware constrained. AWS will reduce the time required to make resources available to your developers from weeks to just minutes.


Continuous Integration

With continuous integration on AWS, developers can commit new versions to a shared repository, detect changes to the new versions, and test before integration, all in an automated fashion.

Developers are empowered to improve productivity, identify bugs quickly, and launch secure software updates rapidly.



Redirect your resources from data center operations to focus on differentiating your business with innovative projects. Design secure architectures outside of traditional hardware capabilities.


Continuous Deployment

The elasticity of AWS provides you with instant access to machines that you can configure any way you want and only pay for what you use.

AWS allows you to use Java, Ruby, Node.JS, .Net, PHP, Python, (or any other language), or install any set of tools required to test your software.


DevOps Process


Creating Cloud Development Efficiency 

Relus Cloud DevOps architects and engineers create development efficiency for software businesses by analyzing, planning, building, and evolving each environment as the business continues to innovate and grow. 


Analyze The Environment

Our team analyzes your enviornment and creates reports designed to solve your biggest pain points.

Plan The Environment

Our innovative DevOps architects build a tailored plan for your business.

Build The Environment

We implement the plan for an optimal software delivery environment for your business needs.

Improve the Environment

Relus Cloud will constantly improve your environment as your needs and business evolve.




Realize True Digital Transformation with Containers on AWS

Containers on AWS allow businesses to increase up-time, rapidly delivery features to market, and provide a unified environment from development to production. Relus Cloud can provide cost, deployment, and operational efficiencies by bringing your application to the cloud as containerized microservices.


Run Anything

Language Agnostic

Package Dependencies Inside The Container




Making Cloud Transitions Easier

A move to cloud computing is a big decision. Relus makes the transition an easier one by helping companies manage the most important aspects of deploying cloud solutions. Relus brings its customers the tools and expertise required to maximize cloud investments. As an experienced cloud provider, we offer customers flexible and customized managed cloud solutions to support your secured cloud with agility, scalability and reliability.


Performance Management


System Monitoring

Troubleshooting & Recovery

Cost Management

Patching & New Releases


Overview of Managed Services


  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Cost Management
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Quarterly Reviews
  • 60 Minute SLA


  • All Features in Development
  • Intra-Region Backup
  • System Patching
  • User & Network Managment
  • 30 Minute SLA


  • All Features in Production
  • Multi-Region Backup
  • Searchable Log Vaulting
  • Production Features
  • Intrusion Detection
  • API Managment
  • Threat Scannning
  • 30 Minute SLA


  • All Features in Advanced
  • Multi-Channel Backup
  • Advanced Networking Management
  • Monthly Reviews
  • Intrusion Detection
  • API Management
  • Threat Scanning
  • 15 Minute SLA

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