Windows Server presents unique challenges in the Amazon EC2 environments that present problems to standard Windows Admins who are accustomed to static environments of on-prem infrastructure architectures. Customers must determine how they will deal with Active Directory, file storage, logs, security, and patch management in a scalable Amazon EC2 environment.

Relus Cloud has experts dedicated to the automation of cradle to grave management solutions for Windows workloads running on Windows Server. Relus Cloud solutions take into account the customer’s unique goals and requirements to provide the following:

  • Patch Management through SSM
  • Automated end-to-end patch management through CI/CD automation
  • Notification of Security concerns
  • Centralized management of logs to provide logging analytics for both Windows Server and mission critical applications
  • Performance monitoring
  • Management of file systems and storage
  • Automation of Active Directory management in scalable environments 


No matter your workload requirements, whether it be a single server to thousands of servers, Relus Cloud has solutions that meet your needs in AWS allowing our customers to focus on their unique business value.