The Cloud Should Work for Your Business

Relus is committed to providing enterprise cloud solutions that meet the demands of today’s businesses. With AWS, Relus Cloud designs solutions for many different industries. Whether it's helping understand real-time changes in consumer and user behaviors, increasing operational intelligence, or interpreting sales trends and real time data flow, Relus Cloud has a solution for your industry. No matter what the vertical, Relus Cloud leverages best practices in security and compliance to protect your most important asset, your users.

See how the cloud can be used across industries - from advancing Marketing techniques to supporting cloud computing in large, complex enterprises. 



Understand Consumer Behavior By Leveraging AWS Cloud Solutions


Why Choose Relus Cloud for Your Retail Transformation?

Relus Cloud is a leader in compliant cloud solutions for retail organizations. We provide best-in-class AWS technologies to help IT leaders in retail understand changes in consumer behavior, supply chain dynamics, and constantly changing tastes. By leveraging AWS, companies are able to innovate and transform their operations like never before.

Supply Chain Optimization

Architecture Services

Data & Analytics

PCI DSS Compliance

Compliance with PCI Security Standards brings major benefits to your online retail business. Failing to comply with the these standards can have serious consequences for your online sales. The Relus Cloud Team develops customized cloud solutions to help and assist with attaining compliance across asset & inventory management, penetration testing, PCI auditing, & unforeseen vulnerabilities.


Media & Entertainment

Why Choose Relus Cloud for Your Digital Transformation?


Redefining Digital Media & Entertainment Innovation

Relus Cloud is helping media and entertainment companies redefine the ways in which they innovate their digital assets. Through expansive digital expertise and industry knowledge, we create new business opportunities and help you maximize your digital content assets. Relus Cloud has over 100 years of combined Digital Media experience among it's certified AWS experts. 

Streaming Broadcast Experiences

Digital Publishing

Big Data Analytics


Marketing & Advertising

"Relus helped us leverage buying patterns, closed-loop reporting, and persona profiling to make our client marketing more effective!" - Daniel Waltzer, CEO Longstreet Solutions


Why Leverage AWS for Marketing & Commerce?

With AWS, Relus helps Marketing and IT leaders build tools and solutions to understand real-time changes in consumer behaviors, operational intelligence, and sales trends faster than ever. Relus leverages best practices in security and compliance to protect your most important asset, your customer.


Scalable Data Storage

Faster Data Queries

Data Security

Recommendation Engines

Data Reliability

Lower Costs & TCO



Why Choose Relus Cloud for Your Healthcare Transformation?


Innovating Patient Care Through Cloud-Based Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare organizations share a common goal: ensuring that patients receive the best care possible. Your competitive advantage depends on your ability to remain agile and support the new ideas that are driving technology innovation. We help companies build the right cloud architectures and design practices to support your organization in providing the highest quality patient care. Our team of architects are fully certified in AWS and use their expertise to help you deploy secure, HIPAA-compliant public cloud healthcare solutions.

Patient Engagement

Connected Health

Big Data Analytics



Why Choose Relus Cloud for Your EdTech Company?


Build & Launch EdTech Solutions with AWS


Employ Relus Cloud’s AWS data expertise, deep analytics experience, and best practice standards to create custom models for personalized education that improve student outcomes and align graduates to successful careers while ensuring your institution's infrastructure is optimized for sustainability. From idea to POC and beyond, the AWS Cloud enables EdTech companies to build and launch solutions that help students learn every day. EdTech companies can start, grow, and optimize their business without the headaches of expensive infrastructure.







Empowering Student Outcomes Through Public Cloud


Relus Cloud Education Promise

Relus Cloud helps Education IT teams respond to institutional needs with flexible and scalable solutions built in the public cloud. Relus Cloud offers education IT leaders cloud planning support, a fully managed portal for cloud-based education IT, and the knowledge and expertise to successfully deploy your applications in AWS. This allows you to say yes to your school stakeholders and helps focus your IT solutions on learning.

Flexible & Agile

Cloud Planning Support

Easy Administration

Focused on Student Outcomes


Public Sector

Achieve a Cloud First Strategy


Public Sector Advantage

AWS Public Sector Partner Badge

Relus Cloud helps the public sector achieve the Cloud First Strategy with a process-driven approach to cloud computing, combining architectural strategy and managed services. We align your technology goals to the roadmap and strategy of your Department for your success.

Relus Cloud’s team of experts are focused on helping public sector customers build scalable and cost-efficient cloud solutions. Our team builds and architects AWS environments in accordance with government security and compliance regulations.

Cloud Strategy & Planning

Storage Services

Managed Services