Public Cloud, DevOps, Big Data Recruitment & Staffing

Enterprise technology is changing so quickly that it can seem impossible to find the right talent in today’s modern workforce. Relus Cloud recognizes that one of the greatest assets to a company are its people.
Relus Cloud is not your ordinary technology recruitment and staffing organization. With more than 150 years of combined technology experience in-house, Relus Talent Delivery connects employers with a deep pipeline of the very best IT talent.

Staffing & Recruitment Areas of Expertise 

Relus Cloud’s IT Staffing & Recruitment practice is committed to finding the right talent in the most in-demand areas of technology, including public cloud, DevOps, and Big Data. Our team of recruiters and account managers will assess your business and technology needs and identify the right resources for your unique requirements. We source a variety of resources for your specific business needs:

  • CIO, CISO, CTO, VP-Level, Director-level
  • Enterprise Infrastructure, Cloud, DevOps, Networking & Operations
  • Web & Application Architecture & Development
  • Database Administrators & Developers
  • Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

What Separates Us From Ordinary IT Recruitment Firms?

We actually build and deploy innovative technologies. Just look at our robust consulting expertise:





Interested in Learning More About Our Recruitment & Staffing Expertise?

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