As customers migrate or emerge new Microsoft .net workloads on cloud we seek to advance application architecture capabilities to be more reliable, scalable, and cost effect in AWS Cloud. Relus Cloud is leading customers with solutions that implement Microsoft .net applications modern architectures in AWS Cloud. Relus Cloud are experts in navigating the unique challenges of delivering Windows workloads on AWS Cloud, including:

  • Highly Transactional, reliable MS SQL databases - Relus Cloud helps customers determine how their data will best operate in AWS.

    • When to use RDS and when to use Always-on in EC2

    • Effectively and efficiently implement Always-on in EC2

    • Migrate and validate data to AWS

  • Scalable, reliable .net services - Modern architectures for .net applications supporting both .net on EC2 and .net core on containers

  • Implementation of cloud native solutions in combination with Microsoft .net - Modern architectures that leverage AWS cloud native services to reduce undifferentiated heavy lifting and management

  • Manage and automate patching - Relus Cloud helps customers automate the management of security and risk for Windows workloads on AWS Cloud through automation of OS patching and compliance

  • Managed AD - Leveraging enterprise class Active Directory solutions that are fully managed

  • Navigate Licensing of Microsoft in AWS Cloud - Relus Cloud expertly guides customers through the complicated licensing decisions associated with Windows workloads on cloud