The majority of the world’s business applications run on Windows. Relus Cloud delivers Windows workloads that are designed for resiliency and scalability to deliver stability to the workloads that make your businesses tick. From complicated back-office implementations that require strict security standards to revenue-generating, customer-facing applications, Relus Cloud has the experience and expertise to migrate, operate, and automate these important workloads in the cloud.

Relus Cloud uses AWS services to deliver the best Windows workloads experience available in the market today. The use of AWS EC2 in combination with Autoscale, Elastic Load Balancing, and RDS SQL means every Windows workload is well-architected to remove complexity, reduce operational overhead, and maximize efficiency. AWS Elastic Containers Services are used to deliver .net Core services with speed and efficiency. Operations are easier than ever with AWS EC2 Systems Manager, which makes patching and configuration state management a completely automated process.

If you have a complicated Exchange requirement, a constrictive Sharepoint implementation, or a demanding MS SQL database, Relus Cloud has the best solution to help you get these workloads to the AWS platform – so you can rest easy.