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Relus Cloud's industry-leading cloud strategy and migration practice helps customers transition from any on-premises or cloud environment to AWS with agility, speed, security, and no disruption to the business. Our team of experts provides detailed guidance through the different phases of a migration project to ensure your move to the cloud is seamless, non-disruptive and secure. 

As a certified AWS Partner Network Premier Consulting Partner, Relus Cloud achieved AWS Migration Competency status based on years of successful migrations for our customers. When it comes to cloud migration, we're unrivaled in our approach and attention to customer satisfaction.  Our talented architects and engineers work as a direct extension of your team, each member bringing multiple years of real world AWS expertise and cloud implementations to your organization. 

We are experienced at migrating a wide range of workloads to the cloud, including web-based applications, digital and web properties, data analytics applications, enterprise applications, middleware applications, multiple database types, data warehouses and many more business critical workloads. With thousands of workloads migrated, Relus Cloud is your proven partner for AWS transformations. 


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Cloud Readiness

Are you ready to migrate to the cloud?


Learn More About Relus Cloud Readiness Assessments

The Cloud Readiness Assessment evaluates an enterprise’s potential to function in the cloud and suggests best practices for cloud adoption and migration. The assessment includes a thorough evaluation and discovery of your existing environment with a complete review of your readiness to move to the cloud. During the process, our architects create a tailored migration plan and highlight risks and opportunities surrounding existing technology, providing you with the confidence that your migration will be a success. Our proven methodology will provide the foundation to deliver a business justification and roadmap for your cloud journey.

Moving your IT infrastructure and workloads into the Cloud will have an impact throughout your organization. Your move should be predicated by a complete understanding of the technology, the market, your current and future state, and your cloud adoption goals. We start with the 'Why' and build your vision.

Without knowing the state of your organization's current readiness to embrace and adopt the cloud, you can make mistakes that prove to be very costly in the long run, and lead to unforeseen headaches. Be prepared with a Relus Cloud Readiness Assessment.


Relus Cloud HealthCheck

The Relus Cloud HealthCheck identifies opportunities to increase efficiency and maximize your existing cloud investment. Go further. Faster.


Key Components of a Relus Cloud HealthCheck

The Relus Cloud HealthCheck evaluates your current cloud operations and architecture to ensure you are making the most out of your public cloud setup. The Relus Cloud HealthCheck includes an inventory and report of accounts, assets, resources, and services in AWS with detailed recommendations on cost, utilization, security, and reporting so you can be confident in your investment. Is your AWS environment Well Architected? Find out today with our Relus Cloud HealthCheck. 


Account Configuration

Relus Cloud reviews multi-factor authentication setup, root access, and IAM account usage.



We evaluate existing architecture for high availability, scalability, performance, and automation.



We report on your current levels of spend and waste, with recommendations for budget alarms and triggers.

Disaster Recovery

We review all current backup practices, including data retention policies and disaster recovery.


Security & Compliance

We provide a comprehensive security and compliance assessment to ensure AWS security best practices.


Logging & Reporting

We perform an analysis of current AWS logging and reporting, leveraging Amazon CloudTrail and 3rd party tools to ensure proper tracking.


Trade Up to the Cloud

Hardware Trade-In Solutions to Accelerate Cloud Adoption

The Relus Cloud Trade Up to the Cloud program provides clients with a trade in for 120% of the current value of existing data center hardware in exchange for cloud professional services credits. The Trade Up to the Cloud program is designed to remove barriers that get in the way of your cloud adoption. The Trade Up to the Cloud program allows you to justify the cost of migrations by providing instant value to legacy assets still on your books. 


What's Included in The Trade-Up To the Cloud Program

Technical Solution

Relus Cloud architects complete an assessment of the systems in scope for migration to the cloud and provide a high-level design document. Documentation is reviewed during a day-long planning and education cloud workshop (hands on labs included). At the conclusion of the workshop, Relus provides a CloudFormation template for the setup of a single VPC (networking, security, identity management) and base Linux AMI (Amazon Machine Image)’s aligned to the customer’s requirements.

Financial Solution

Relus Cloud completes an infrastructure assessment which includes an accurate valuation of your legacy data center assets. Trade in credits pave your way to the cloud. A detailed estimate of AWS monthly costs accompany the infrastructure valuation, and the findings from both assessments are delivered in a complete TCO analysis that inform next steps in your cloud migration.


Let's Trade You Up!