You want to move to the cloud today but the only thing stopping you is the lack of talented cloud resources you need to push your project forward. You need to get your project(s) started now or you may lose further delays your vision and in today’s competitive business world, cloud talent is one of the most valuable investments you’ll make toward successful public cloud adoption.

Relus Cloud Factory is an industry-first solution that solves your most critical business and technology need by giving you access to the right people, right now. The Relus Cloud Factory is a program driven by our vast network and pipeline of cloud experts. We search and identify a thoroughly trained and fully equipped cloud workforce, sourced and tailored for your business alone. We understand each business has its own unique needs and we take the time to understand what you need and who you need. Our tailored approach allows us to build the team for you, help create a culture of innovation, and help build future leaders for your organization.

Relus Cloud Factory Benefits

  • Hand-selected talent
  • Innovative cloud solutions
  • Cutting edge industry knowledge
  • Managed & custom training

How It Works

Relus Cloud Factory takes four simple steps to ensure the perfect workforce for your business:

Step 1: Plan

We plan the perfect approach that’s custom to your business

Step 2: Enable

We create a tailored workforce approach for your cloud migration or optimization plans

Step 3: Train

We train your custom workforce on your specific business roles and needs

Step 4: Manage

Our Project Manager will monitor your milestones and task assignments

Meet Your New Cloud Team with Relus Cloud Factory!