Slider Demos


Custom / Re-Used Testimonial Code Version 

In this example, each image has been added manually via code. We have more control over "grouping" of images because it is custom. We can easily add labels too if we want to for "cloud" / "development" etc. It is; however, much harder to update by non-coders.  It is also an unideal solution because the original CSS was written for text and thus new CSS rules had to be written.

  • Cloud

  • Development

  • Database Languages


Auto-Slider using Gallery Version

In this example, each image has been added separately to a gallery called "Skills".  It is very easy to update by non-coders because they only need to drag & drop images into the Skills gallery. Code applied to the page header forces the first gallery on the page to auto-play / rotate. If you want to apply the auto-slider to a new page, you only have to copy code from one place into the new page, not three like you must with the testimonial code.