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Defining The Right Candidate

At Relus, we have fine-tuned our understanding of the wants and needs of our customers. This has allowed us to create the ultimate list of skills and traits that we believe an ideal candidate would have to suit the various areas of the IT spectrum. Continue below to find out more.


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Cloud Candidates


Senior Software Engineer

This candidate currently functions as both a heavy Programmer / Architect as well as a DevOps Engineer. This candidate likes to take on as many responsibilities as possible to learn and grow more in technical acumen.

  • 15 Years of Java programming experience.
  • Close to 1 year of experience working with both AWS and Google Cloud.
  • Works with Google Cloud at current job leading the implementation and architecture of their micro-services suite.
  • Available with 2 weeks notice

Data Architect

This candidate has a heavy consulting background in the data architecture space and enjoys working on AWS / machine learning projects and initatives.

  • 6 Years of Python programming experience.
  • 3 Years of Spark programming experience.
  • 4 Years of experience utilizing AWS from an infrastructure standpoint and from a cost optimization perspective.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Available to start immediately

Cloud Security Architect

Dynamic, seasoned, technologist with outstanding success in designing, delivery and managing enterprise and cloud security solutions.

  • Trusted adviser for large enterprises on hybrid solutions leveraging multiple security technologies, partner ecosystems, on-premise tools & cloud security services used by numerous healthcare, life sciences, aerospace and defense companies.
  • Technology leader passionate about customer success and driving growth focused change.
  • Risk Management & Compliance (GRC), Cloud security & Architecture, Cyber Threat Intelligence, IT Audit, SIEM/Compliance, Identity and Access Management, PKI, AWS, SaaS/PaaS Services, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, NIST Cybersecurity framework, Agile methodologies and ITIL, Competitive Analysis, Mobility solutions, BPM & ERP
  • Available with 2 weeks notice

Development Candidates


Senior Mobile Developer

This candidate has 7+ years of experience building applications with the Android SDK and extensive knowledge of the Android platform with more than 10 published apps in the Google Play Store.

  • Facial Biometric Integration
  • OCR Implementation
  • Liveness Detection Implementation
  • HttpClient Class, Memory Management
  • Google Mobile Vision
  • Android UI/UX Android Studio
  • Memory Management With Android Device Monitor In Android Studio.
  • Available Immediately

Senior Developer

This candidate is a seasoned JavaScript Developer with AWS Experience who has developed highly-tested, scalable, and encapsulated pieces in NodeJS and Rails 3.2 as well as assisted in deployment to AWS.

  • Has 12+ years of experience in enterprise level development
  • Expert level with JavaScript development, with professional experience also using Python, Angular, Ruby/Rails, React and PHP
  • Has been working on and off with Node/JS since 2011
  • Excellent communication skills and passion for mentorship of Jr engineers
  • Available Immediately

Site Reliability Engineer

This candidate is a talented software developer that has had the opportunity to work with several different technologies. In their current role, this engineer focuses on using open source tools, deployments, and monitoring (and using tools like New Relic). Previously as a web developer, this candidate had the opportunity to work hands on with Ruby as well as Angular.

  • Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Angulas JS
  • Git, API, Heroku, AWS
  • Proficient with JavaScript which the candidate currently uses along with a bit of Python
  • Has worked with AWS services such as Elastic Beanstalk and S3
  • Available with 2 weeks notice

Senior Quantitative Developer & Researcher

The depth of this candidate's experience is with 10+ years in quantitative finance as well as quantitative research and development. This candidate brings proficient development experience with Java and C++ and continually stays hands on in environments building technology infrastructure and creating the AWS infrastructure.

  • Java, C++
  • AWS infrastructure experience
  • Python
  • Available with 2 weeks notice